IoT Exploitation Learning Kit
IoT Exploitation Learning Kit

IoT Exploitation Learning Kit

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IoT Exploitation Kit is a learning kit to help individuals get started into IoT Security. It's a single kit packed with EVERYTHING you will need for Internet of Things and Smart Device Exploitation. 

The IoT Exploitation learning kit includes Highly detailed Lab Manual, HD Demo Videos, Hardware Devices and Tools for IoT Exploitation. 

IoT Exploitation learning kit is a result of our years of pentesting and exploiting IoT devices, and training 1000+ individuals, to come up with a single learning kit which includes everything required for learning Internet of Things Security and Exploitation.  

The IoT Exploitation Learning Kit covers the following topics:

  • IoT Device Security and Embedded Device Exploitation
  • Hacking Smart Plugs and Smart Light Bulbs 
  • Firmware Reversing and Exploitation 
  • UART, JTAG and SPI Exploitation Labs 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee Exploitation 
  • Software Defined Radio 

The materials that will be include in the IoT Exploitation Learning Kit are: 

  • Highly detailed Lab Manual
  • 2 Attify Badges 
  • Multimeter, Jumper Wires, Screwdriver kit 
  • Vulnerable Smart Plug 
  • Vulnerable Light Bulb 
  • Vulnerable Zigbee setup 
  • Vulnerable Embedded Device
  • RzRaven Zigbee sniffer 
  • RTL-SDR 
  • 433 MHz transmitter 
  • STM32 Mini Dev board 
  • 2 Arduinos 
  • BLE dongle 
  • BLE sniffer 
  • Vulnerable BLE device 
  • Firmware, binaries, AttifyOS, demo videos and additional scripts

You will also get a Slack invite where you can directly ask queries with the kit creators.