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Certified IoT Penetration Tester certification


The Certified IoT Security Pentester is a certification designed to assess your skill sets in Internet of Things security and penetration testing. 


This certification proves that you have a deep understanding of the Internet of Things ecosystem and it's underlying security issues. 


The Certified IoT Security Pentester certification has been built by the same team who has taught Offensive IoT Exploitation in over 13 countries and has pentested hundreds of devices in the past 5 years. The certification exam takes real practical scenarios and present it to them. 


It is an online examination consisting of 150 Multiple Choice Questions (and some subjective and diagram-based) from all different aspects of Internet of Things - Firmware, Embedded Devices, Binary Security, Web, Mobile, Software Defined Radio, Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee and can be taken based on your convenient time slot. 


The examination is not meant to be attempted without prior preparation since it it unlike other MCQ based certifications you might have taken in the past, and it actually requires you to know the practical concepts


Upon successful completion of the examination, you will receive the final result within 7 business days after the answers have been evaluated by our team. If you score above 65% of the total marks, that indicates that you have passed the examination and you would receive a digital certificate, a badge which you could post on your LinkedIn or other social network to share your achievement and a physical certificate shipped to your address.