Launching Attify's Affiliate Program

Launching Attify's Affiliate Program

Launching Attifys Affiliate Program

70% of our community has been referred to Attify-Store by one of their colleagues or found it through someone posting about us (or our kit) on social media. 

We thought why not create a program which rewarded our supporters and well-wishers with a part of the revenue which Attify Store generates because of them. 

Launching Attify Affiliate Program (drumroll 🥁)

If you are a influencer in your community, now you have a chance to make affiliate commissions by referring your friends and colleague to Attify Store. This could be done in the form of a

   [+] Unique URL

   [+] Coupon Code

   [+] Promotion via banners etc. 

To get started, sign up here - Attify Affiliate Program . One of our team members will soon reach out to you and get the ball rolling. 

Each customer you refer, you would get 15% of the product amount value into your bank account.

Here's how the maths work out:

$50 product (Attify Badge) x 90 sales/month x 12 months x 15% =  $8,100

$300 product (HackRF) x 20 sales/month x 12 months x 15% = $10,800

$1500 product (IoT kit) x 10 sales/month x 12 months x 15% =  $27,000 

All 3 combined in 12 months = $45,900 

However, please note - for Attify, the community is the most precious asset. We do not want you to be using excessive aggressive marketing techniques or black-hat methods to promote any of the products. 

Interested and ready for an exciting journey? Click here for Affiliate sign up.    


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