Sell your tool, DIY Project and Learning kit on Attify-store

Do you have an electronics project or a learning kit you would like to get to the market? 

We at Attify-Store are constantly looking for new products to offer to our customers. 

We offer creators an opportunity to distribute their creation at Attify-Store, where we handle the marketing, shipping, logistics and even basic support queries. 

We ship from Califonia, US but offer shipments to be sent globally through shipping partners USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. 

Engagement Model: 

Revenue Sharing: In the revenue sharing model, you ship us the items initially and we distribute through our store. This is a great way to generate your product the market visibility while at the same time receiving most of the revenue. You receive 70% of the profits generated from the product.  

Flat price model: In the Flat Price Model, we buy items from you at a distributor pricing, and offer it to our customers. We initially start with a lower order quantity and based on the demand order further. In this model, you would receive 50% of the profits generated. 

Attify Manufactures: If you are an indie creator and don't want to go through the process of finding a manufacturer and selling us, we can manufacture it for you. In this model, you would receive a 30% royalty on the profits. 

Application process:

Apply at this URL - 

Please ensure to include as much detail as possible and send us any additional materials which are relevant to your product.