(Get Started with Robotics)

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RoboHero is a new addition to Attify-Store to support the DIY and kids community. It's ideal for anyone who want to get started with learning the basics of robotics in a fun environment.

Download the free app to control your robot with Apple and Android devices. The Arduino-compatible control board features easy-to-understand hardware/software. 17 joints equipped with high-torque servos provide steady, fluid motion.

You can choose from 42 pre-programmed routines/motions, including dancing, clapping, balance, going from a prone position to standing, and many more. Use the Action Editor to create your own functions and programs, and share with others.

Enjoy up to 45 minutes of robotic action after charging the 7.2V 550mAh Lithium battery. High-torque servos execute your commands with precision! Control your RoboHero with the free smart device app (available separately). RoboHero is almost 10” (25 cm) tall, the perfect size to go anywhere! RoboHero is equipped with the popular open-source Arduino control board.

Notes from our tech department: This is the Electric Powered Ready to Run RoboHero Programmable Humanoid Robot from Thunder Tiger Robotix.


Advanced Intelligent Arduino based Programmable Humanoid Robot with 17 Movable Joints with Steady, Fluid Motions

Power of Engineering - Programming logic allows you to learn through making it. Most suitable from learning through open source Andruino control board. The perfect entry level scientific servo control toy: ROBOHERO.

Perfect Size as Your Robot Companion - With its height around 25cm, the RoboHero is well fitted to undergo explorations on desks, floors, or any other surroundings. It is also a good size to entertain your pets or toddlers. The RoboHero will be your best companion and add color for you through the daily grind.

Control your ROBOHERO by APP - The meticulously designed phone app allows you to easily edit and program settings. You don’t even need any cables, computers and accessories to make action edits.

Operate up to 45 mins with full charge & 100% Factory Assembled - Save the time from assembling yourself