ChameleonMini RevG

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The credit-card shaped ChameleonMini is a versatile tool for practical NFC and RFID security analysis, compliance and penetration tests, and various end-user applications. The freely programmable platform can create perfect clones of various commercial smartcards, including cryptographic functions and the Unique Identifier (UID). Further, the tool includes a basic RFID reader functionality that can be used to read out and write to cards, as well as realize certain attacks. The Chameleon is capable of sniffing RFID communication and can be employed to assess security aspects in RFID and NFC environments in different attack scenarios, such as replay or relay attacks, state restoration attacks, sniffing of NFC communication, or functional tests of RFID equipment (e.g., by appearing as different contactless cards whose content can be arbitrarily changed via a PC).

The ChameleonMini hardware can read and emulate various RFID cards and transponders that are compatible to ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and other NFC standards at 13.56 MHz, e.g., NXP Mifare Classic, Plus, Ultralight, Ultralight C, ntag, ICODE, DESfire / DESfire EV1, TI Tag-it, HID iCLASS, LEGIC Prime and Advant, Infineon my-d, and many others. Please have a look at the open-source project on github which cards and transponders are already supported by the current Firmware; the ChameleonMini developer community is regularly fixing bugs, adding new card types and other features.

The ChameleonMini is shipped preprogrammed with a Test Firmware that includes a USB bootloader that can be used to upload your own firmware via USB, e.g., the one from the open-source project on github - please follow the "getting started" instructions there. Directly after reception, please make sure the green LED is lighting when switching on the Chameleon before doing anything else: this indicates all factory tests have been passed. Changing the firmware and using the ChameleonMini is at your own risk and liability, please make sure to respect the legal situation in your country to avoid trouble. The warranty is lost when upgrading to another firmware different from the supplied one.

The order includes one rechargeable LIR2032 Li-Ion battery (3.6V, 40 mAh) to power the ChameleonMini. The battery is automatically recharged when ChameleonMini is connected to a USB port or USB power pack. Use any standard Micro-USB Type B cable to connect your ChameleonMini with your PC, tablet, smartphone, or other device.