ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)
ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)
  • ChipWhisperer is NewAE Technology

  • low-cost hardware 

  • uses the same analog front-end and most of the same FPGA design

  • smaller package and improved USB 2.0 interface


ChipWhisperer is NewAE Technology Inc's fully open-source (hardware, software, firmware, and documentation) toolchain to teach yourself about embedded hardware security. The ChipWhisperer-Lite is our low-cost hardware which was funded by a successful Kickstarter (we even delivered ahead of schedule!). 

It uses the same analog front-end and most of the same FPGA design as our previous ChipWhisperer Capture Rev2, but in a smaller package and improved USB 2.0 interface.

 The ChipWhisperer-Lite integrates hardware for performing power analysis measurement, device programming,glitching, serial communications, and an example targetthat can be loaded with cryptographic algorithms all into asingle board. 

Do you plan on connect the ChipWhisperer-Lite to external targets, or other boards? You might want to check our Two-Part Version.

This version breaks apart the ChipWhisperer-Lite, which makes it easier to connect to other boards (such as our Multi-Target board, NOTDuino board, or soon-to-come NOTAsic FPGA Board). Uses high-quality 30-um plated gold 20-pin connector + Molex plated gold SMA connectors on the NOTDuino board itself, and cost-sensitive flash gold connectors on the XMEGA target board. Comes with 20-pin connectors + 2x SMA cables to reconnect boards