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IoT Exploitation Learning Kit is a learning kit to help individuals get started into IoT Security. It's a single kit packed with EVERYTHING you will need for Internet of Things and Smart Device Exploitation. The kit is meant to take you from the very basics to practicing IoT pentesting and security research for the real-world.  

The kits covers our years of pentesting experience broken down into modular topics which are easy to learn. Not only this, we also provide with the tools to exploit and the target devices in the kit, so that you actually are able to perform all the topics hands-on.

Some of the topics that we cover in the IoT Exploitation Learning Kit are:

  1. Firmware Reverse engineering and exploitation
  2. Embedded Device Hacking
  3. Network based exploitation
  4. Software Defined Radio
  5. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ZigBee exploitation
  6. Binary reversing and analysis

All of the above topics come with in-depth lab manual description with step-by-step instructions, including HD Demo videos and access to private Slack group for technical discussions and queries.

Please Note - We also have the Full "Offensive IoT Exploitation" Training available now for a limited time which includes 10+ hours of in-depth HD Video training along with the IoT Exploitation Learning Kit. The Offensive IoT Exploitation training is ideal if you want to get more in-depth information along with teaching materials for IoT Exploitation to train your team and students.

More information about Offensive IoT Exploitation available here - 

The kit contains the below items:

Highly detailed Lab Manual (with step-by-step instructions for all labs)
2 Attify Badges (with USB Cables and Jumper wires)
8-Channel Logic Sniffer
Multimeter, Soldering, Jumper Wires, Screwdriver kit
Vulnerable Smart Plug (for Firmware, Binary and Network based exploitation)
Vulnerable Light Bulb (for BLE Exploitation)
Vulnerable Zigbee setup (for learning ZigBee exploitation)
Vulnerable Embedded Device (UART Exploitation to gain root shell over serial)
Zigbee sniffer (Tool to transmit and capture ZigBee packets)
RTL-SDR (SDR tool to capture and analyze radio signals)
433 MHz transmitter (Target device for radio reversing)
STM32 Mini Dev board (JTAG based exploitation, and GDB Debugging for ARM authentication bypassing)
Arduinos (to be used to create vulnerable setups)
BLE dongle (Sniffing BLE and Writing BLE data to target devices)
BLE sniffer (Sniffing Bluetooth Low Energy packets)
Firmware, binaries, AttifyOS, demo videos and additional scripts
Lifetime access to private Slack group for queries

You would receive the Download links and Slack access once you create an order.

In case you haven't received yet, please contact us here.

Is this kit right for me?

If you want to learn IoT Security and Exploitation, you will be amazed with this kit. Thousands of people have taken the kit and used it to find IoT 0-days, become IoT pentesters, perform bug bounties, conduct training and more. Unlike other training, we provide you with the tools, targets, techniques and an unparalleled support channel to ask queries.  

I am an educator and would like to train by team/classroom on IoT Exploitation. How can I order 10+ kits?

We offer special packages for educators along with instructor material. Please contact us with details to get a custom quote.

When, where and how do you ship?

We ship all the items within 1-3 business days of placing the order. We use Fedex/USPS for Domestic shipping and DHL for International. We ship all the items from our warehouse in Silicon Valley, California, US.