• Swappable Antennas

  • Identify Tags

  • Save and Load Tags from the SD Card

  • Brute-force an HID Reader


The ProxmarkPro is a portable test instrument designed to quickly discover, identify, and demonstrate weaknesses in popular RFID and NFC systems in the field.

The ProxmarkPro is NOT another development kit. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of Red Teamers and security research professionals.The ProxmarkPro is intended to be used in the field or at a desk with no client connection or setup, just turn it on and start using it. 

The antenna can be easily and quickly swapped out to accommodate a wide variety of systems.

Portable: one-handed use, easily concealed, lightweight, compact

Self-contained: no external cables, batteries, or computers required

Built-in Display: intuitive menu visible in direct sunlight and in the dark

Swappable Antennas: no tool required to change tuned antennas

Removable Storage: capture and load data with the included 16 GB microSD card

State of the Art: built with new-and-improved FPGAs and ADCs

Made in the USA: using parts from all over the globe

Each ProxmarkPro kit comes with: 

-ProxmarkPro main unit: 16 GB microSD card1200 mAh battery 

-Low-frequency (LF) antenna 

-High-frequency (HF) antenna

-HF tag bundle with three card-style tags

-LF tag bundle with three card-style tags

-Carrying pouch

The ProxmarkPro is perfect for quickly, easily, and powerfully demonstrating vulnerabilities and risk to non-technical decision makers and stakeholders.

The ProxmarkPro represents the culmination of over three years of active research and development, incorporating contributions from a global team of experts and feedback from Red Teamers.

- Swappable Antennas

- Use Case: Identify Tags

- Use Case: Save and Load Tags from the SD Card

- Use Case: Clone a Tag

- Use Case: Emulate a Tag

- Use Case: Brute-force an HID Reader