Rugged Ultra Strong Hard Case box
Rugged Ultra Strong Hard Case boxRugged Ultra Strong Hard Case boxRugged Ultra Strong Hard Case boxRugged Ultra Strong Hard Case box
  • Dust and Water Resistant

  • Contents are protected even in high pressure and rough terrains

  • Easy to carry even with heavy weight

  • Exclusively available only to USA.


Get a hard case box to keep all your hacking gear and electronics. The Hard Case Box protects the items inside it from any physical damage including damage arising due to water or dust. The Hard Case Box is useful for individuals in various industries such as aviation, chemical, electronics, hardware security, communication, IoT, ICS,SCADA, aviation, chemical industry, nuclear, exploration, expedition, medical care, transportation, photography and others.

The box is designed to be durable, waterproof and dustproof and has a IP67 rating. The contents of the box is completely protected against solid objects entering the box, including dust, and is resistant against moisture, acid and alkalis. It can be completely submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without any moisture entering the box.

The box surface is prepared by injection modled by ABS, which gives it extreme durability and includes comfortable rubber top handle with ergonomic design. The front of the box has an Equalization Valve which balances interior pressure and keeps water out. The O-Ring sealing makes it tightly packed. 


[+] In case the box is extremely sealed and you're unable to open the box after flight, travel or returning from high-altitude mountain elevations, loosen the value (rotate anti-clockwise) to balance the pressure inside and outside of the case.

[+] While closing the box, ensure that no material is present in between to guarantee absolute sealing. 

[+] Avoid the use of hard brushes like steel wire brush to prevent scratch on the surface. Alternatively, you can also cover it with stickers. 

[+] Foam or separating dividers are not included. 


Inside : 390 * 265 * (25.5+84.5) mm

Outside : 425 * 325 *127 mm

Buoyancy : 10.7kg/max

Volume : 10L

Weight: 4.5 lbs 

Inside: 255 * 185 * (25.5 + 57.5) mm

Outside: 280 * 230 * 98 mm

Weight: 2 lbs