Side-Channel & Glitching Starter Pack
Side-Channel & Glitching Starter PackSide-Channel & Glitching Starter Pack
  • ChipWhisperer Lite Capture Board

  • CW308 UFO Target board

  • Advanced Breakout Board

  •  Includes the probes

  • LEVEL 1
  • LEVEL 2


A handy collection to get started in power analysis. Includes: 

-ChipWhisperer Lite Capture Board

-CW308 UFO Target board with XMEGA, STM32F3, and STM32F0 targets

-SMA to BNC cable for connecting CW308 to a regular oscilloscope


A pack of almost everything you need to get started!

You can add an Advanced Breakout board too if you plan on using targets which don't have 3.3V I/O levels. If you'll be attacking separate boards you should check out the Level 2 kit which includes the probes you'll likely need, this kit is designed for attacking targets on the CW308 UFO Board.

-ChipWhisperer-Lite Capture Board

-Advanced Breakout Board (voltage translation)

-Probe set with Power Supply (differential probe + H-Field probe)

- CW308 UFO Board with STM32F3 & XMEGA Targets, power supply, and SMA-BNC Cable (for usage with an external scope) 

-(NEW: Boards now come with ARM target instead of AVR)