wESP32 (Starter Kit)
wESP32 (Starter Kit)wESP32 (Starter Kit)wESP32 (Starter Kit)wESP32 (Starter Kit)
  • create zero-setup, single-wire-installation network-connected devices

  • excellent community support

  • Full data and power path isolation

  • gives you a head start in your next IoT design


The wESP32 is an ESP32-based core board with wired Ethernet connectivity and power over Ethernet (PoE). It was designed to help you quickly create zero-setup, single-wire-installation network-connected devices. By combining a powerful microcontroller with excellent community support, 13 W of available power, reliable connectivity, and a compact footprint, the wESP32 gives you a head start in your next IoT design and lets you focus on your application.

This kit contains one wESP32 and one wESP32-Prog module - everything you need to get started!

  • Processor

-Espressif Systems ESP32-WROOM-32

  • Power

-Default 12 V output setting for V+ provides 12.95+ W of power

-Optional (bridge solder jumper) 5 V output setting for V+ provides 5 W of power

-IEEE 802.3at Type 1 Class 0 compliant PoE

-3.3 V output with up to 6 W of power (taken from V+)

-Support for applying external power to V+, in case PoE is unavailable

-Support for powering via the wESP32-Prog USB port (limited to 5 V on V+)

-Compatible with both PoE Mode A (power over data pairs) and PoE Mode B (power over spare pairs)

  • Connectivity

-High-performance RJ-45 jack with optimized data path has excellent data throughput (iperf UDP scores up to 90 Mbit/s)

-Ethernet auto-MDIX, allowing the use of both straight and cross-over Ethernet cables

-Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n is available as a back-up if Ethernet connectivity is unavailable

-Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR (basic rate/enhanced data rate) and BLE (Bluetooth low energy)

  • Programming

-Optional wESP32-Prog module for programming

-USB serial console via same wESP32-Prog module

  • Expansion

-20-pin header footprint with 3.3 V, V+ power, and 15 of the ESP32 GPIOs available for your application

-wESP32-Prog module can be plugged in as needed or permanently soldered

  • Physical Characteristics

-Full data and power path isolation in compliance with the IEEE 802.3at 1500 Vrms isolation requirement

-Compact 75 mm by 40 mm footprint with 4 mounting holes compatible with common M2.5 or 4-40 screws

High-quality PCB with two oz copper and mounting hole designed to sink heat away from the PoE PD controller for optimal thermal performance

The wESP32 was created to work with power sourcing equipment (PSE) compliant with the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at PoE standards. It is not compatible with 12 V or 24 V so-called “passive PoE” systems on the market, but requires a minimum voltage of 37 V as per the IEEE specification. Category 3 or higher rated cable is required. 

 While cost may be somewhat higher for standards-compliant equipment, it is preferable because a lot of thought was put in to the standards by industry experts to ensure the equipment works well and is safe, not just in bench or lab settings, but also in actual production installations. Transmitting power over long runs of wire is just not compatible with low 12 V or 24 V line voltages and devices lacking isolation, and the fact that these non-compliant, hackish solutions exist unfortunately results in customer confusion.

 It should be noted that since the wESP32 is powered from a third party device over a potentially long cable, across possibly a large number of connecting points, performance in reaching the specified 12.95 W of power is not solely dependent on the wESP32 itself but also on many external factors.Comparisons